Ode to Japan: a 6-x 8 submission

Many in Toronto are familiar with a wonderful store on Queen Street called The Paper Place. See the Second Annual 6 x 8 Show at the store until September 30:  http://www.thepaperplace.ca/wp/. This post includes a picture of my submission. You can see the winner in the other picture and you can see my piece in the middle bottom of that photo. There are many beautiful pieces in the show and the sale prices are pretty reasonable.


About foreshadowandlight

I am a weaver and artist working out of Meadowbrook Weaving and Art Studio in Cape Breton. I also work part of the year from Toronto, Ontario CONTACT: jane.alderdice@hotmail.com
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One Response to Ode to Japan: a 6-x 8 submission

  1. Hey Jane….This is a lovely piece, and i’m intrigued as to how you did it, perhaps a small description of your process would be a good addition to the post….and good to hear about the show! Hope all is going well with you my friend – love Linda x

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