Prepping for Fibre Festival

Celitic Colours is the major celtic music festival held here in Cape Breton each October. The local weavers’ guild and quilters’ group collaborate to host a Fibre Festival for 5 days as part of the Celtic Colours Festival. I am weaving as much as I can for the Festival which includes a show and sale in Baddeck. My latest project is a set of ikat-dyed scarves, cotton and silk with stripes of lace weave. Ikat dyeing is a lot of work but I find the results surprising and beautiful. I haven’t done this work for a while so I don’t have quite as much control as I would like, but I am still happy with the results. Fringes need braiding and the scarves need fulling and finishing – close to ready. We’ll see if I have time for more scarves. Today was day 2 of a 4 day experiential painting workshop – so fun. I’ll post some of my work soon.


About foreshadowandlight

I am a weaver and artist working out of Meadowbrook Weaving and Art Studio in Cape Breton. I also work part of the year from Toronto, Ontario CONTACT:
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