World is coming together in Energy, Light and Song

Energy, Light and Song – name of the piece. Well, here it is quite a few weeks later and a lot of hours in the studio, and all 44 strips are complete, that is, 22 tapestry strips and 22 poetry strips. (See the previous two posts for the development of this project.) Not yet complete – I still need to mount all the strips on the spinning wheel and add a wire for suspension. Hope to do that in the next day or two. Very near completion!

The tapestry strips have two wires on each side of the strip woven in as part of the warp threads. These were woven following the original strips, each two inches wide and 28 inches long, making up an image of our globe (from space), which I rendered in watercolour on paper.

The poetry strips are made of the “in between” original painting strips. In between each of the two-inch strips designated for tapestry is a half-inch paper strip that fills in the full globe view. So, there is a two-inch wide tapestry strip, then a half-inch wide painting strip, then another tapestry strip and continuing to alternate.  And the paper strips have a line of a poem stitched on each.

Here are two views of the completed work, one without the paper strips and one with. You can see from the first one (without the paper strips) that there is something missing from between each tapestry strip. The second picture is much more complete.

I’ll post again in a few days when the piece is fully mounted on the spinning wheel and finished! I realize it’s hard to see the poetry stitching on the paper strips. The stitched words blend in and look like the woven clouds. I like that the viewer has to search for meaning. Once you see the words, they are easy to read. I’ll post a close-up of that part in the next post. You can read the full poem in the previous post.

Be sure to click on the title of each post to see the featured image in close-up.


About foreshadowandlight

I am a weaver and artist working summers at my Meadowbrook Weaving and Art Studio in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. I spend the rest of the year in Guelph, Ontario CONTACT: Website: Instagram:
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2 Responses to World is coming together in Energy, Light and Song

  1. ruthhurd says:

    This is amazing. Can’t wait to see the final.

  2. This is really beautiful, awesome idea!

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