Cecropia Moth

Having left the back porch light on during night time since the bears visited a while back, I wake in the morning these days to find moths on the outside of the screen door. The other morning, I found this huge Cecropia Moth with a wingspan around 5″ just clinging to the screen, opening and closing its wings. It stayed there all day and flew away when it got dark again. What a gorgeous visitor! I love its furry body and check out those antennae! Cecropia moths are the largest moth in North America and are related to the Luna Moth, both in the Saturniid family. In a quick search on the internet, I learned that these moths in caterpillar stage (large, light green and voracious eaters) can give a nasty sting from their spines if touched. The next day I saw an large Luna Moth when on a hike on the Red Island Trail – it was startled out of the bushes and flew away into a nearby tree.




About foreshadowandlight

I am a weaver and artist working out of Meadowbrook Weaving and Art Studio in Cape Breton. I also work part of the year from Toronto, Ontario CONTACT: jane.alderdice@hotmail.com
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