New Studio Steps!

With help from my friend Richard (thank you!!), the studio got new steps last weekend. Just in time for the drawing sessions which start this week.

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A good print job is hard to achieve!

Black daisies are okay, but I wanted to see my image in reverse with white daisies. I may even go crazy and do a two colour print next. In the meantime, here are the white daisies. Today was my first printing of this block and I don’t think any of the prints was particularly great. Actually each one was really different. And the paper makes a big difference, of course.  I will give it another go tomorrow with my higher end paper. So many factors to get right!

White daisies!

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Lino printing

So here I am back in Cape Breton. It has been raining for six days straight – great weather for getting into my wonderful studio. So nice to be back in it!

In preparation for the much more challenging Japanese woodblock printing that I hope to do soon, I decided to start with lino block printing. So, I cut two lino blocks over the last two days and experimented with printing from them. I can’t seem to print cleanly, that is, without any of the cutout lino areas catching ink and printing. I will keep trying. And, of course, these are very simple, one colour prints for starters. Challenging enough! In any case, getting a good image and figuring out how to do the cut outs is still my primary challenge! Lots of fun and lots of ideas percolating. Liz! thinking of you lots as I do these!!

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Last tapestry class of the season

It has been such a treat to teach tapestry weaving to so many wonderful women at Eweknit Designs over the fall and winter. Hopefully I will be back teaching at the store in early fall. The last class was fun and they produced great pieces. Remember, these folks have never woven before! And my camera doesn’t always do full justice to the colours. Isn’t the store just yummy?! It is weaver heaven . . . 🙂

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Two new tapestries

I began teaching level 2 tapestry at the Eweknit store last week. Lots of fun and so great to see the enthusiasm of the students who have fallen in love with weaving. Here are two pieces I created as samples for this level, currently hanging in the store.

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A bit more watercolour

Three images above created in AGO class. New ways of handling the media – exciting new possibilities. Wish there had been more than just four classes.

Below, a painting of a hike on the Bruce Trail last fall, and wild roses at Cape Cod from my last trip there with my daughter.



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Learning some new watercolour techniques

The Art Gallery of Ontario has a beautiful set of studios in the old atelier-style and they offer courses with really great teachers. I lucked into a short course of four classes in watercolour experimentation with Kelley Aitken. Learning lots from her. Here are my first couple of efforts.

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