Tea towels for the Toronto store

Eweknit, the wonderful yarn shop in Toronto where I have been teaching tapestry, has requested a tea towel as a sample for their new floor loom weaving program. They supplied me with beautiful cotton/linen yarns. I wove a sample out of my own cotton yarns, and started the main piece today. I love the cottolin yarn – it handles so nicely and will make a great tea towel. I think the Huck weave (which you can see in the third picture – woven after the stripes) works well for the towel.

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Studio is Open!

It’s been a busy day in the studio on this hot and humid final day of spring. Now that the folks managing the St. Ann’s bay website (www.theshoresofstanns.ca) have kindly posted a page for Meadowbrook Studio, I thought I better get the studio ready for visitors, just in case any brave people decide to drop in. So, signs got painted and hung, textile displays got set up, and some watercolour paintings are on the easel and on the tack board.

While I don’t have regular studio hours, I do hope to spend the better part of Tuesday to Saturday working in the studio for the summer months. This feels like a big step!


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June drawing sessions

An enthusiastic group of 8-9 artists are gathering at my studio every Friday morning this month. We had session #3 today. They diligently performed the exercises I suggested and then spent the last hour working on one drawing incorporating the learning from this week’s practice. Some of these folks have almost no experience drawing while others have been at it a while. Today’s focus was on value, that is, light and darks, working in pencil, charcoal, conte, and some other media in some cases. Bear in mind that they didn’t have enough time to finish. Nevertheless, the results so far are exciting. Everyone brought a vibrant energy. Lovely to have the studio buzzing with chatter, laughter and activity. Altogether, an inspiring experience! Can’t wait till next week!

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Little fingers learn tapestry technique

Five adventurous young souls spent two sessions at the library with me recently learning tapestry technique. Each walked away with a small tapestry bookmark. I was so impressed with their perserverence and ability to learn quickly! Thanks to Kate and the Baddeck Library for allowing me the opportunity to share my textile passions with these kids. Thanks too to Deborah for volunteering to be an assistant. I have no idea how I would have done without you!


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Ink and Watercolour for Spring

Fifteen new small watercolours have emerged from the studio this week based on some spring flowers from my garden. I produced a somewhat similar small set of paintings with limited edition cards last year. This new set is the result of a new technique and I am happy with the vibrant results! Here are three of the fifteen.

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Tapestry for Kids

This week, I am offering a free tapestry workshop for a limited number of kids at the Baddeck Library. The workshops is divided into two 1.5 hour sessions. The kids will be making tapestry bookmarks. I have prepared a few samples. Can’t wait to see what the kids do!

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Spring and My Neighbour’s Waterfall

My friend and neighbour, Deanie, took me on a hike back to her waterfall recently. It was so invigorating to feel the cool air and bit of spray at the bottom of the falls. Oh, Cape Breton! You do delight!


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