Tea Towels ready for Fibre Festival

The annual Fibre Festival in Baddeck, Cape Breton is held in October in association with the Celtic Colours Music Festival. Fun for us weavers.


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Finally, a finished warp this summer

Better late than never. It’s been an unusual summer that way. Little weaving, some drawing & watercolour teaching, lots of visitors, much heat and humidity which leads to lots of time in the water, and not so much art and craft. Things have cooled off in the past week and gotten quieter so I spent some time in the studio. I had some cottolin (cotton-linen) yarn left over and decided that I could figure out how to use what I had to make an assortment of tea towels in a (more or less) one-of-a-kind fashion. Back into the studio later today to start another weaving project.

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Cape Breton Paintings – new

Well, I arrived in Cape Breton about two weeks ago and felt all the glorious space around me. I have been painting lots this winter and spring – at a scale that matched the smaller spaces in which I was living. The beauty and space of this summer place inspired me to create two new paintings. I like to paint more than one painting at a time – while one dries, I can work on the next. This was a pretty intense week painting these – each took about 25 hours, so about 50 hours of work crammed into one week!

Both are beach pictures, but very different scenes and weather. Of course, they look better in person 🙂

Breakwater Beach, Cape Breton, Watercolour, 30 x 22″

Black Brook Cove, Cape Breton, Watercolour, 30 x 22″

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More paintings

I don’t know why the flowers keep beckoning, but they do, as do the Cape Breton landscapes.

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Mary Ann’s Glads

A good friend and neighbour in Cape Breton, Mary Ann, gave me gladiolas from her beautiful garden, and a new garden at that since she moved last year. I finally got around to painting them.

Mary Ann’s Glads, 14″ x 10″, watercolour

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Miniature Shields from January show at GAS

Gerard Art Space (GAS) in Toronto kindly accepted four of my pieces as part of their textile exhibit last January 2018. Here are the four pieces, framed plus close-ups. It was a fun show with interesting work by a number of artists.

The shield project is about protection, distancing, scarring, and opening up. Shields are representative of things we use (psychological and otherwise) to protect ourselves as well as well as the body. They are expressive of hurts and also the beauty of how we shield ourselves from hurts, old and new, perceived and imagined. And, of course, they reference Japanese armor.

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A couple more paintings from this past winter

Anemones, Cape Breton 14″ x 10″ Watercolour SOLD

Long-eared Cattle and old Truck, 14″ x 10″ Watercolour

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